A dark, low-flying castle hovered towards Volcano Island, it's threatining waves of despair getting on everybody's nerves. Vecoline stood by Koal, watching the hovering castle approach. He glared at the huge, looming object. His stare was as hot as the lava that stood behind them.

"Skylanders, prepare for battle! Kaos has returned!" Vecoline screeched to the defensive wall of Skylanders behind him.

The snarling group of Skylanders behind him roared at the castle, getting into offensive positions and taunting whatever beasts were inside. Koal did the same as the rest of them. He saw a huge face appear in the sky, it's dark figure striking fear into Koal.

"What do you want from this island!?" Vecoline spit at the figure, "Don't you have enough room to terrorize!?"

"Oh, I have no interest in capturing your puny island." Kaos answered, " I just have fun killing of your insufficiant species."

"So, you like killing, eh? SO WHAT!?" Vecoline screeched.

"Oh, and I suppose you and your little turtle sidekick would like to try and stop me." Kaos taunted.

"In fact, I plan on doing that." Vecoline said to the face of Kaos.

"Look at me. Don't judge a book by it's cover." Koal spoke to the face.

"Bold words from a small creature, but you have won nothing yet." Kaos retaliated to Koal's words, "MINIONS!!"

All of a sudden, minions of Kaos' started streaming down the walls of the castle, jumping onto the island and snarling at them. They charged u[p the side of the volcano as the wall of Skylanders broke apart to go and fight of the incoming enemies. They clashed, good against evil. Vecoline took to the air, preparing for an air strike, while Koal was greeted with three Cyclops Choppers.

Koal got ready to battle all three of them. He shoot a beam of fire that passed harmlessly between two of the Cylcop's heads and smashed into a pillar on the castle. The Cyclopes started to spin, gaining more and more speed until they were speeding likea twister. He dodged two of them and jumped over the third. They kept spinning until they fell off the side of the volcano and into the sizzling lava below.

Below, the Skylanders were beating the monsters one by one, sending them packing back to Kaos' Castle. Kaos' menacing face stared at them with a terrible glare.

"Don't get cocky Skylanders!" Kaos spit, "You may have beaten me this time, but I will come back!"

The face dissappeared in a cloud of of darkness and a cheer went up from the Skylanders of Volcano Island. They had defeated Kaos and kept their island safe.