I ruined everything.

"Get out!" shouted Hoot Loop. "You ruined the plan!" snarled Night Shift, who I thought was my best friend. "Leave! You can't be a SWAP Force member!" said Fire Kraken.

I couldn't believe it. We were fighting, and the plan was for me to use my vapor attack to wipe out the bad guys. But I was knocked over, and instead sprayed the SWAP Force. It was my fault. "Stink Bomb, you didn't ruin the plan! Please stay..." pleaded Smolderdash, who everyone knew had a crush on me.

"I did, and I must leave, because you all would be happier without me." I said.

I started on the path, away from Cloudbreak. I didn't belong there. I didn't belong anywhere. (Viva La Vida begins to play)

I run, and used a jungle vine to escape Cloudbreak. And I land in the entrance of Kaos's Castle. Something told me I landed here because it was my destiny. I was willing to accept it. Then, eeeeeek! The doors were open. To me.

Out of the fortress came a Wilikin. "Hello Skylander! Master Kaos would like to speak to you." he said happily. I followed him into Kaos's throne room. There sat the evil Portal Master.

"Ah, Stink Bomb! Just the skunk I wanted to see." "Make it quick, Kaos. I ain't here to fool around." "Those stupid Skylanders left you, didnt they?" "I thought they were my friends!" "Ah, friends come and go." "Yeah, I guess." "Well, Stink Bomb, why don't you join my evil army?" "What? Like I would trust you!" "Oh but you should. I will make you my general." "Tell me more..."

The conversation went on for hours. Finally it came down to the question that could change my life: "Would you like to join me, and live like a king, and get revenge on those stupid Skylanders who abandoned you?" I don't know what to say yet...

WELL FOLKS YOU READ IT! Vote now, should Stink Bomb join Kaos and ambush the Skylanders, or stay true to himself and not trust Kaos? You decide!