I found this old AJ fanfic on my computer. Since the people on the AJ Wiki and AJ Stories Wiki are phazoning idiots, i'll just post this here.

Good luck.

                 Cornelius’ Beginning

By Count croconight desertstone

It was a cold night in the rivers of Africa. The crocodiles were put in starvation due to the humans who killed all their prey. If a croc managed to eat fished fish, they would shoot it. The numbers of Nile Crocodiles were greatly decreasing. Cornelius, a fit and active crocodile, became a legend. He was a Nile Crocodile adopted by a small family of Indian Gharials. Cornelius went up to the stream to catch some salmon, when a familiar voice was heard. “Hey weenie Cornelidork! Need some fishies?” It was no more then Shat, the river bully. He wanted all the meat for himself. Shat grabbed a rock, threw at Cornelius, and he proceeded to swim for his life. Shat had once again captured the entire school of fish.

The next morning, a strange glowing crystal rock with a crocodile carving was found. It was going to be made into armor by humans. At the last second, Cornelius took the rock and placed it on Shat’s head. “What weenie? Need a beanie baby?” He threw the rock at Cornerlous. “Gotta try the next best thing” Cornelius said to himself. He crawled to a pillar and placed it on there. A beam went throughout the river. His adoptive Gharial parents rushed towards their son. It shined bright throughout the cosmos. A small spirit hologram in the shape of a Blue Heron appeared. “You can move to Jamaa or stay here. I will be waiting for you. Touch the unfounded crocodile Spirit Stone if you want to go. You can always say no.” The hologram disappeared into a ghostly whisp of light. Cornelius looked at his parents. “Dear, she said you can say no.” Cornelius’ father pushed his mother. “We are dying here. We’ve heard tales of this mythical world; with no humans.” His dad told him. “I’ll go. Don’t cry for long. Keep your hopes up” Cornelius said as a goodbye message. He tapped the Spirit Stone with his claw and disappears into a light whisp; like the Heron did. He was at a statue totem. “I am Mira. And you are?” “Cornelius” the bruised crocodile took a step forward. “You have found the mystic Croc Spirit Stone. You have brought these to Jamaa. Take a look! Cornelius saw many crocodile playing games and having fun. “You will be their Alpha.” Mira used her magic to go back into her statue state.

And that’s how Cornelius came to be.

This turned out to be something Porky was writing for a Boring Complitation of Boring Fanfiction. It made it in.